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The Solution to a growing problem

Otter populations are currently at a 40-year high in the UK and they are continuing to rise across Europe. As welcome as this resurgence may be to our natural heritage, otters are a fearsome predator. An unwelcome consequence of their increasing numbers is their impact on fisheries. Otters often prey on larger fish specimens, eating as little as 10% of the flesh and causing hundreds of thousands of pounds of decimation to fish stocks in the process. All managed still water fisheries and fish farms provide otters and other predators with an easy and abundant food supply.


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We have over 30 years experience in wildlife fencing..


The team is qualified and insured to carry out all apsects of your project..


We are totally committed to the professional intallation of your fence..


All our work and materials are fully guaranteed..

We Guarantee To Be The Cheapest Quote With No Compromise on Quality




We will beat any genuine like for like quote on material and labour cost.

Keep otters out offer a complete installation service including clearing, leveling, felling, chipping, coppicing, pollarding, earth moving and full fence erection.

We do not put any money on the cost of the materials and give you the option to buy them yourself at the same price we pay.

All materials are delivered straight to site direct from our supplier.

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Keep Otters Out guarantee to beat any genuine like for like quote on material and installation costs.

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